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Be a teetotaler-join the fight against lung cancer today

To begin with, everybody knows what lung cancer is, or at least what the words literally mean. Cancer that attacks the lungs. But there is more to lung cancer and if the statistics (approximately 157,000) are anything to go by, more of something is definitely not merrier.

First things first. What exactly is lung cancer? Lung cancer starts when cells grow and multiply on their own in lungs. Mostly it is caused by smoking, but at times, passive smoking (exposure to smoke fumes) may also be cited as a reason. The cancer always originates in the walls of the bronchi-the branched airways of the lungs. There are two types of lung cancer cells. Small-cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer cells. The usual known non small-cells are further divided into squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and large cell carcinoma.

There is one last kind of cancer called the Bronchial carcinoids which account upto 5% of lung cancers. These tumours generally range between 3-4 cms or less post diagnosis and the age group is generally below the age of 40.

Next comes the crucial part: what are the lung cancer symptoms? There are some very specific symptoms of lung cancer. What makes cancer so deadly is the marked absence of symptoms when a patient goes for a checkup. It is stated that 25% of the people who are affected by the disease are made aware by a routine chest X-ray or a CT Scan. A handful of them are listed as follows:
A persistent cough that seems to grow worse over a period of time; phlegm interspersed with blood.
Dull aching persistent chest pain
Shortness of breath due to blockage in the lung which is caused due to collection of fluid around the lung or the spread of the tumour and
Repeated respiratory infections like bronchitis or pneumonia can be an indication of weakening lungs

In case, you notice any of these lung cancer symptoms or even one of the symptoms, make sure you rush the person to the hospital. It maybe a false alarm, but nothing matches like a clean bill f health from the authorities.

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Pop in the description, find your pill

As the name suggests, a pill identifier, is a database that helps people identify pills that elude their knowledge. A pill's design is primarily the combination of the shape of a pill, the pattern (whether there are any specific markings on it), the color(s) of the pill, identifiers which may include numbers, names, letters and also a logo at times.

It is relatively easy to identify a pill, that has been hiding in the bottom of your medicine cabinet. It is possible to do by using either of the two tools or database which are RxList and Drugs.Com Pill Identifier. These tools are so simple to use, that anybody with a basic knowledge of the Internet can use them. All the person needs to do is enter the pills' identifying marks namely the color and the shape of the pill and the “imprint” which is the distinctive marks on the pill like patterns etc., the database will generate a whole picture of the drug (pill) you want to identify. At times, the tool may require additional iformation. That is when you can put in the name of the brand or the generic name and hey Presto!, you get the name of the pill.

Pretty easy, isn't it?

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Going blue in the face and difficulty breathing? Look out for th

Asthma is a breathing disorder if not diagnosed or medicated right can be fatal. These are the asthma symptoms:

Coughing, especially at night


Shortness of breath

Chest tightness, pain or pressure

But there lies the difference. These symptoms are too generic. It maybe a little tough to tell the difference between a normal person and an asthma patient. But if the symptoms recur then it can be a cause for concern. The asthma symptoms may also differ from time to time. Also, the attacks may vary in intensity; ranging from mild to severe. There are times, when asthma patients when they can go through stretches of time without showing any symptoms interspersed with violent attacks.

Mild asthma attacks are better than the severe ones. Usually, the airways open up between a minute to few hours.

Besides the symptoms listed above, here are a few warning signs to a patient who may have asthma. Here they are listed in the following order:

1) Fatigue: During an attack, when the lungs is not receiving enough blood, which means less oxygen is reaching the blood and muscles. This in turn can lead to fatigue

2) Nasal flaring: This is a sure shot sign that the individual is facing difficulty in breathing. This symptom is more common in younger children and infants.

3) Sighing: Sighing is the process where the lungs inhale and exhale oxygen to their entire capacity. This seemingly innocent exhaling of air can be a sign of danger

4) Anxiety: Anxiety can work both ways, i.e., it can give rise to an asthmatic attack or an asthmatic attack can be a source of worry. So, asthma due to anxiety is both-physiological and psychological.

Last, but not the least, here are a few more symptoms of an asthma attack, which when spotted, the patient must immediately be rushed to the hospital. They are:

Discolored blue or gray lips, face or nails

Extreme difficulty in breathing

Difficulty in walking or talking



Fever of a very high temperaure

Chest pain

Rapid pulse

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Amit VijayVergiya – a highly trained person

Sasken Communication Technologies Limited hired Amit Vijayvergiya as a C++ programmer, but his commitment to state-of-the-art technology has encouraged the company to give him leadership positions within certain projects. Prior to joining Sasken, Amit Vijayvergiya had worked in the area of network security as well as C++ programming. This combination of skills has made it possible for him to develop leading technologies for smart phone applications.

Amit Vijayvergiya has strong leadership skills that made it possible for him to manage research groups working on innovative approaches to mobile phone technology. Sasken has also used his programming and network security skills to help other research groups create effective solutions.

Amit Vijayvergiya’s most recent contributions to Sasken Communication Technologies Limited have been in the area of smart phone security. His work in this field has made it possible for Sasken client’s to access websites from their mobile devices without worrying about security risks. This allows them to safely access bank accounts, email, and other sites that contain private information.

Vijayvergiya’s commitment to computer programming has encouraged him to learn about a wide variety of programming languages. He is an expert C++ programmer, but he also has a fundamental understanding of other popular languages. This makes it possible for him to work closely with other programmers regardless of what language they use.

Amit Vijayvergiya’s undergraduate education culminated with a B.S. in computer science. After earning his degree, he enrolled in graduate school, where he concentrated on C++ programming and network security. His thesis focused on using C++ programming to improve network security.

Throughout Amit Vijayvergiya’s education, he took jobs that gave him the opportunity to work on programming projects for various businesses. This experience allowed him to combine his academic exercises with real world solutions.

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Amit Vijayvergiya - a Well Known Wealth Consultant

Amit Vijayvergiya is a private wealth consultant at Citibank in Sacramento, where he works with clients who have high yield portfolios with investments between $300,000 and $4,500,000. Over the years, Amit Vijayvergiya has learned to make smart, informed decisions under intense pressure. Since the clients that he works with have a considerable amount of money invested at Citibank, every decision means the difference between making and losing large sums.

Amit Vijayvergiya’s success largely comes from his ability to communicate well with people. He finds ways to explain wealth management strategies to laymen who do not have backgrounds in investment, finance, or similar fields. As an expert, though, he can communicate easily with other banking professionals. This rare combination of skills makes him a popular employee at Citibank. Clients frequently request his services because he helps them understand how effective wealth management strategies work without burdening them with technical jargon.

Vijayvergiya’s commitment to meeting the unique risk and return objective of his clients means that he applies an active hands-on approach to understanding the particular circumstances of each client. He believes strongly in his duties to help his clients reach their financial goals and develop customized portfolio solutions for them. This work ethic based on hard work, fairness and personalized service has given him considerable popularity in a market where ethics is at the forefront of everyone minds.

After completing his undergraduate degree in finance, Amit Vijayvergiya studied advanced portfolio management at the graduate level. During this time, he also worked at a small investment firm. The combination of academic and practical experience gave him a perspective that allowed him to create effective portfolios that perform well in the short term without sacrificing long-term growth.

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